Since 2012, we have been working with Gardbus, a local independent bus company, who operated a fleet of modern buses in and around Ringwood, The New Forest and East Dorset.

Sadly, Gardbus ceased trading in 2015.

The initial brief was to create a distinctive brand identity for Gardbus, ensuring that they stand out against the other bus and coach operators in their area. This included creating a logo that could be applied across various mediums – including their buses.

The branding was accompanied by a two-tone vehicle livery that reflects the modern and professional approach of the company.

Following the success of the branding exercise, we kicked off the website refresh, incorporating the new branding and colour scheme whilst enhancing the content on the website by adding interactive timetables and route maps.

We were also been tasked, on many occasions, to create a range of timetable leaflets and booklets for the Gardbus network.

These timetables have been well received by the Gardbus team and, more importantly, their passengers. The Gardbus timetable booklets often much more informative and professional than the biggest operators in the Gardbus operating area.

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