Jeakins Coach Travel

Jeakins Coach Travel

A local family-run luxury coach operator, Jeakins Coach Travel, were looking for a talented team to take their brand and marketing to the next level.

After seeing the work we produced for Gardbus, Jeakins were very impressed and decided we would make an excellent partnership – how right they were!

Together we have tackled many different projects:

  • Newspaper advertorials;
  • Bespoke student travel brochures for international markets;
  • Beautiful and informative brochures for school transport; and
  • many, many more!

The biggest project though had been the website we designed and developed for Jeakins. A simple and elegant website that exemplifies the luxurious nature of coach travel with the family run coach operator.

Jeakins are also celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and we have some exciting promotions in the works to mark this fantastic achievement.

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