Purely Tutors

Purely Tutors

A safe and secure environment for parents and students to look for experienced and qualified tutors online. Never has it been easier to find the right tutor for you.

The Purely Tutors web application will allow tutors to sign up and create a detailed profile for students and parents to search for; students and parents can then arrange tutoring sessions using the bespoke safe and secure messaging system.

The website makes great use of various open-source WordPress plugins to create an intuitive sign up process and provide a very powerful search for students to find their right tutor. Users will even be able to create an account using their social media profile.

This brand new venture launched in May 2015. You can find out more about how Purely Tutors works on Twitter – @PurelyTutors or by visiting the website.

Do you have an idea for a complex website and not sure how to deliver it on a budget? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and see how Mangopear can help you!

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